The sun slowly rises over the skyline of crime city. A new day is about to begin; a special day for Allan Jake, former policeman and prisoner. Days don't really matter when you are in jail, this might be because they are all the same. After 7 years of imprisonment a kind of notorious depression had taken place in his mind, a feeling that might be compared to an open-eyed coma. The world passes around you and you aren't able to do anything. In these paths Allan's thoughts went on this day. He got up. He ate breakfast. He worked for several hours. Then, in one of his many hours of spare-time a warden came to his cell. That certainly was something extraordinary. The wardens were told to have as little contact to the prisoners as possible. When the guard led him to the Director's office, he knew something was wrong. Very wrong. His time in Crime-City-Prison was far from over. For what he had done he was sentenced to 12 years in jail. Even with good behaviour, they couldn't release him at this point. These ideas racing through his mind, he entered the office.


A floor-board creaked. Damn! He was trying to be quiet. It was his goddamn duty as a good husband. Usually he wouldn't come home this late but there had been some extra work for him to do that couldn't be postponed. So he'd called Mary to go to bed without him. Further trying not to cause any noise, he went up the stairs towards their dormitory. He was tired but still he noticed something. It was nothing you could put your finger on but something just didn't feel right. Nervously he reached for the door.


After two hours of discussion, Allan left the prison with not much more than what he wore but as a free man. It was all a blur. He simply couldn't believe what he just heard, nor that it actually did happen. This was absurd in every single way. He had heard of people who were in jail although they were innocent. But he never heard of someone being guilty and getting released nonetheless. But that was what just happened to him. He knew he was guilty. He was charged and sentenced 7 years ago and now a free Allan Jake stood on the street in front of the Crime-City-Prison. A murderer off the leash. Nonsense! He had thought about what he had done so many times. He wasn't this kind of killer with molten lead in his veins instead of blood. Striding off into the city he thought about this certain night again. The night seven years ago.


Allan pushed the door-handle as quiet as possible. The door swung open slowly. Some rays of moonlight fell on the bed in the middle of the room. They revealed… nothing out of ordinary. He hesitated. What did he expect? Finding his wife murdered like in some cheap videogame? Relieved he approached his sleeping wife. Then he heard the noise. It was just a faint sound but it came definitely out of this room. He also noticed his wife wasn't asleep. He knew her for five years now and he also knew her well enough to notice her breath was going way to fast for her to sleep. But why was she pretending? He tried to locate the unfamiliar sound. It was kind of strange but it was exactly the sound of someone trying not to make any noise. And it came from the bed. In the dim light, where the shadows could easily trick your eyes Mary looked kind of strange. Slowly he went to the bed and pulled back the blanket. You are never prepared to see a naked man, especially in your own bed. The man screamed. Allan screamed. His wife screamed. Outside a dog started howling. In this infernal concert some screw in Allan's brain just sprang out of its holder. He had always suspected that his wife wasn't as loyal as she told him. But this was simply too much. Still screaming and tears running down his face he pulled out his gun. Two shots echoed through the night. The dog ran off into the darkness.


Everything seemed so unreal. It was as if the city he knew never had existed. It's amazing how a large town like Crime City could change and develop in only seven years. When he still had been a policeman, he fought against crime with all his strength. But the seven years had changed him, too. He couldn't tell right from wrong anymore. He was confused. There was nothing left of his old spirit, that always had guided him like a shining light in absolute dark. Troubled with his problems he didn't notice the stream of people passing him died out slowly. He came to what you might call a less honourable part of the town, where a man with more than 50 bucks in his pocket would surely think twice before entering. But no one paid attention to him in his rags. He thought about what his future might be like. The police wouldn't want him back; he was sure of that. Maybe he could try himself as a detective, fighting for what he thought was right again. Or, while he was already here, he could start up a criminal career. He knew the right people (he had brought some of them to jail at least), so it would be easy to get in touch with someone who could start him up. Whichever decision he would take, he needed a gun first. So he set off to his “old friend” Cut-Me-Own-Hand-Off Eddy to start his new life.

Which one that will be… is up to you!




Maingame: 3%

Featureplannings: 80%

Story: 99% (finished & released, but there could be some changes later)

Artwork: 10% (nothing released yet)

Modeldesign: 5%

Releasedate: It's done, when it's done... (I always wanted to say/write this someday)